What is The Earful Blog? Basically, illustrated humor pieces. Usually, real stories.

If you see this person:

Assume that is me, Lizzie. Other-looking drawings might be me too. 

I don’t look like that anymore, not least because I cut my hair and am almost constantly attached to my offspring. I won’t mention her/him/them specifically (or if I do then obliquely), but I will definitely talk about babies and children, of which I have known many.

If you see this person:

Assume that is my husband, Michael. He is a much-of-the-time lawyer and a much-of-the-time Dad. He also has Cerebral Palsy, which in his case means that his muscles are very stiff throughout his body, such that he walks and talks in a fairly unique manner. 

A few more thoughts:

If it reads like an essay or story and I don’t say otherwise, it is basically actual and factual, though in this medium I can only promise my best attempts to remember dialogue and other small details as they really happened. Also, I might change names. Also, comics or poem thingies may be less exactly accurate than story looking things, though probably still based in reality.

Also, whenever I am sick or depressed, I find that I prefer illustrated works anyway, such as those of Allie Brosh, James Thurber, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and that seems like a good reason to do something I love anyway. Also, I really really really like Brian Doyle and David Sedaris and Annie Dillard and too many others to list, even though they don’t draw.

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