Other Writing

Forthcoming in Iron Horse Literary Review: Kid. (A poem that was a winner in the 2017 AWP Intro Journals Project).

Sweet: A Literary Confection. On Book Curses: An Apology (illustrated essay).

Hobart: The Haircut (illustrated essay).

Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop: When Bad Things Don't Happen To You

Perfection Pending: I'm Worried I Might Be Hoarding

Waccamaw Journal: Pressing Pants (An essay about laundry and love and me and Michael).

Juked Review: Dinner With the Priest (A poem.)

Segullah: Step Two is Called Hope. (An essay braiding EMT training, losing track of a friendship, and sitting in on addiction recovery meetings.)

The Mighty: For My Father's Last Eye (Shorter Version).

Relief Journal: For My Father's Last Eye. (Print.)

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