Friday, July 7, 2017

A Bit About Michael

Besides the fact that Michael practices law, is the chief stroller manager in our household, plays songs from The Secret Garden as well as devotional hymns on the piano, and majored in math and economics, here's what you need to know about Michael.

First: Racquetball.

Michael has probably played racquetball more times than you have seen a Progressive commercial.

When Michael has low blood sugar or makes a mistake at work, he wants to play racquetball. If he won the lottery, he would want to celebrate with racquetball.

When Michael thinks about Fatherhood experiences he is excited about, he thinks about going to Disneyland and playing racquetball.

If Michael planned the wedding receptions of his children, they might just happen in a racquetball court.

Second: The Addiction.

I remember vividly an early date with Michael.

We were watching A Beautiful Mind.

About halfway though, Michael paused the movie.

He turned at me, averting his eyes, and said, “you should know… I have an addiction.”

As someone who had spent hours sitting in addiction recovery meetings in my efforts to help a woman I knew overcome her addiction, and having seen really harmful effects of addictions in the lives of many I knew, I have to admit that this really worried me. For a moment, I froze.

He looked up at me, and said, “I’m addicted to chocolate milk.”

He still is.

(Mind, it would be a really insensitive thing to joke about if it weren’t for the fact that it really is an addiction. Seriously. So much of our monthly budget goes to chocolate milk that I could probably get Lasix in two years if we cut it out.)

Third: The Tree.

In Michael’s Junior year of college, he prepared for his roommates to move in by acquiring a potted tree from a neighboring apartment and kept it on the left side of the television in his apartment.

Michael watered the tree at least every week, and sometimes more, for two months. Unfortunately, this particular tree likely did not benefit from Michael’s diligence, as it was fake.

Now, you know more about Michael than his parents. (At least for a few minutes. We’ve never told them about his chocolate milk addiction, though we think they know.)


  1. Love it! Clever. Michael is my hero.

    1. Thanks! He's mine too!


  2. Can't stop giggling about the tree! Love both you and Michael! (And baby boy, of course.)

    1. Thank you! :D We love you and your wonderful family too!


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  4. Hi love,

    Is it okay if I pick up some Chocolate Milk on the way home?



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